5 Ways To Survive Winter in Northern Japan – Part I 東北で冬に生き残る五つの対策 パート1

Towada Shi
My background. I describe myself as a “fake Canadian” meaning I grew up in Vancouver. Which has one of the mildest climates in Canada. Usually when people hear the word Canadian they associate it with Igloos, winter etc. There is almost no snow year round, and in the winter it really just rains. The temperature rarely drops below 0 C (32 F).

自己紹介にある「偽物カナダ人」というのは、冬が寒くないバンクーバー出身のカナダ人ということです。だいたい、カナダというと、寒い気候とか、かまくらとかを 想像します。しかし、バンクーバーは1年に1日しか、雪が降らなくて、雨が降ってばかりです。やっぱり、日本に引っ越して、すごく驚きました。


1) Heat Tech Underwear from Uniqlo

1) ユニクロのヒートテック

ヒートテックというのは、ユニクロの (ギャップ見たいな服屋さん)服の下に着れる長いパンツやシャツです。私は教えた学校が廊下が暖房がなくて、職員室から、教室までなんか、行くのが大変でした。それをよくするために、ジャージかシャツの下にヒートテックを着て、のんびり廊下の中にどんな教室でも、行けます。ヒートテックがお手頃で、着やすくて、お勧めます。

HEAT Tech underwear from Uniqlo. The schools that I taught at had no insulation and when I went from class to class it was frigidly cold. Generally I was not able to wear a jacket in the school as I would go from one class to another and begin teacher. Regardless of Junior High or High School, heat tech undergarments were cheap and effective in keeping me warm, I would recommend it highly.



2) Heated Blankets, and heated Mattress Cover

2) 布団用電気カッペトーと電気毛布


A big weakness of the house where I was staying in Japan is that it did not have any insulation! As a result heating one room for a long period of time is expensive. I tried at first to heat my sleeping room at night with a kerosene heater but this was far too expensive. Instead I layered blankets and used a heated mattress cover. This combination allowed me to stay warm and save on heating bills. Be sure to wear a sweater, heat tech long underwear and thick socks when you go to bed. If you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night you are more or less exposing yourself to sub-zero temperatures, so night clothing is essential.